The Provincial Treasury does not render direct services to the general public but is responsible for the provincial resource allocation, monitoring and providing advisory services to all Provincial Departments, Public Entities and municipalities.

  • Planning and preparation of the Provincial budgets;
  • Monitoring of Provincial expenditure and revenue management;
  • Cash flow management and investment of short-term surplus funds;
  • Oversight over provincial asset management and procurement practices;
  • Management of maintenance of transversal financial systems;
  • Logistics and Information Technology;
  • Management of transversal functions on behalf of the province;
  • Training related to transversal systems;
  • Oversight over Local Government and Provincial Public Entities;
  • Oversight over PFMA implementation in the Province;
  • Oversight over the MFMA implementation in the Province;
  • Monitoring of the implementation of resolutions of the Provincial Public Accounts Committee (PROPAC).


  • To provide support to MEC/CEO
  • To facilitate towards a skilled, competent and responsive workforce for the Department
  • To ensure that allocated funds are planned, managed and spent effectively
  • To procure and maintain quality goods and services
  • To ensure compliance with practices, norms and standards, independent assessment of  the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls and risk management
  • To promote effective corporate communication
  • To promote sound stakeholder relations

Sustainable Resource Management

  • To influence the development and/or implementation of government policies and programmes in support of enhanced economic growth and development within the Free State Province.
  • To enhance the provincial revenue growth through the development and implementation of sound fiscal policy framework in the Free State Province.
  • To ensure that Provincial financial resources are allocated in line with   government priorities.
  • To monitor and advise on financial and non-financial performance of provincial departments, the Free State Legislature and public entities.

Assets and Liability Management

  • To provide policy development and implementation support
  • Implementation of transversal financial management systems
  • Monitoring of movable and immovable assets and liabilities
  • To promote effective supply chain management practices
  • Effective management of the provincial revenue fund

Financial Governance

  • To promote prudent financial management within the Free State Provincial   Government.
  • To create and sustain a culture of accountability within the Free State Provincial Government.