Sustainable Resource Management

About Chief Directorate

Chief Director Mr Pakiso Lebone

Provides professional advice and support on provincial economic analysis, fiscal policy and the management of the annual budget process and the implementation of provincial budgets.

Strategic Objectives

  • Conduct research and provide economic information in pursuit of inclusive growth and development.
  • Optimize provincial own revenue in order to fund key priorities.
  • Monitor and assess the implementation of the fiscal policy framework.
  • Promote effective and efficient infrastructure delivery.
  • Ensure sustainable and effective cash management practices and efficient management of the Provincial Revenue Fund.

Functions of Sustainable Resources Management 

  1. Promote effective and optimal financial resource allocation and enable Government to finance its service delivery obligations.
  2. Monitor and report on financial and non-financial and conditional grant performance in provincial departments.
  3. Conduct economic and social research that informs fiscal resource allocation policy framework.
  4. Analyse, plan and monitor the Free State Provincial Government’s Compensation and Benefit budget.
  5. Enhance and monitor infrastructure performance of Provincial Departments, Provincial Entities.
  6. Ensure proper and efficient Management of the Provincial Revenue Fund.

Operational sub programmes: